... to this day there is no better rice for Fergana plov than dev-zira and no land for growing dev-zira is better than in Uzgen. Here, downstream, after the Andijan reservoir, just in one adyr from Uzgen, near the city of Khanabad, they also grow a virgin, and it does not work that taste as it should! And in the Namangan region, and wherever this rice is grown, it does not turn out so tasty, does not absorb so much water, oil and does not grow in a cauldron just like Uzgen, does not retain its shape and pleasant elasticity as well during cooking. Otherwise, as a unique climatic conditions and the mineral composition of the soil does not explain this.
I know why the Uzgen Devzira is so well suited for making Fergana pilaf. The fact is that it was not the rice variety that was selected for this dish, but the dish itself arose because such rice appeared. Do you understand? The dish was formed around a certain ingredient, and not the ingredients were chosen for some kind of dish ...

Stalik Khankishiyev
Russian TV host, writer and cook 

Uzgen rice Devzira

Packing: polypropylene bag
Net weight: 1 kg
Quantity in the box: 12 kg
Shelf life: 18 months

Origin: Kyrgyzstan

Declaration of conformity registration number: ТС № RU Д-KG.АГ42.В.01278

СN FEA code: 1006 20 110 0

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